Mobile Spy Review – Does Mobile Spy Work or is it a SCAM?

Welcome and thank you for visiting Mobile Spy Review. Chances are, you have already heard a lot of buzz about Mobile Spy on the Internet but you still want to know the truth about it, then this review will be extremely useful for you.

Mobile Spy Review

What about the Mobile Spy?

A lot of people have already tried this software and their verdict was unanimous: the Mobile Spy is definitely the best software in the business today. The creator of the software guarantees the superior quality and performance of their product. Aside from adhering to the policy of truth in advertising, the company also offers an excellent support team that can efficiently assist you in any way they can to help you with the software.

Indeed, Mobile Spy is the best and most comprehensive monitoring app for mobile phones. All you need to do is set it up on the particular phone you wish to monitor then log in to your Mobile Spy account to view everything you may need to know about the unit. After this, you will be able to check out phone calls, text messages, current location of the phone user, visited websites, and many more. The wonderful thing about this is you view all of this information anywhere you may be in real time. The app also allows you to work silently in the background, monitor, and record the activities of the target phone without giving any hint of knowledge to the user.

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So, here is what mobile spy will do for you:

Mobile Spy Software Features

  • Use GPS Tracking – This particular feature makes you capable of tracking a target phone. Through this, you can find out the exact location of the phone any time. Through Google Maps, the position of the phone will be clearly shown on the screen. Aside from viewing the exact location of the user, you will also be able to see historical GPS logs in real time.
  • View Photos and Videos – The Mobile Spy also enables you to view photos and videos captured by the target phone. However, this feature only works for new photos and videos taken after the installation of the app on the target phone.
  • Read Emails & Text Messages. The software lets you read every incoming and outgoing SMS messages as well as emails on the target phone. This feature will even work even if the text and email messages have been immediately deleted by the user.  The feature also lets you view full email and text messages.
  • View Internet Browser Activity – Through this very useful feature, you can find out every particular website that the user of target phone may have been logging in to.
  • View Call Logs – You can also view call logs using this feature. This means that you will be able to view every phone call log on the target phone. Incoming and outgoing calls will be shown along with important details such as dates, numbers, and call times.
  • View Contacts – Finally, the app lets you see every contact and contact information stored on the target phone. Even new contacts added on the phone will not escape the spying capability of the Mobile Spy.

More importantly, mobile spy allows you to secretly monitor the activity of any cell phone based smart phone. Once the software is installed it is undetectable and only the person who installed it knows of it’s existence.

Here are a few preview screenshots of mobile spy:

Text Message Monitoring Call Monitoring GPS Tracking LIVE Control Panel

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Why Use it?

All people have their specific reasons for wishing to monitor or even track particular mobile phone units. However, 99% of these reasons may be one of these:

  1. Monitor Kids Use. Probably, this is one of the most popular functions of mobile phone spy apps. The Mobile Spy, for one, allows parents to install the app on the phone of their child and monitor every activity that will be made using the unit. Though this, parents can monitor signs of unsuitable behaviour, track web browser activities, and of course, find out the exact location of their kids during emergencies. Many parents, in fact, believe that this software is best for the safety of their children.
  2. Catch Suspected Cheating Spouses. The software can also be utilized to monitor the phone activities of your spouse. Through the essential information that the application can offer, you can have more advantage of verifying your suspicions without resorting to more obvious or even drastic measures. Since this software is an efficient stealth software, you would not ever have to worry of getting caught off-guard.
  3. Monitor your employees. You really cannot be too sure nowadays. Especially if you have multiple tasks to attend to, making sure that your employees are doing their job right can be very complicated. This superb software lets you keep call logs as well as text messages sent to or by the customers for future audit purposes. It also makes you capable of tracking your employees who are doing field work.

Mobile Spy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Mobile Spy

Q: Will this software work in my country?

A: Mobile Spy will definitely work in every country in the world. It also supports all languages. Countries that have access on smartphone network services are also capable of offering installation and use.  The basic thing that you need is an Internet connection. An Internet connection allows you to use the app in uploading captured data to your personal online account. In short, the software will work efficiently in countries that have good Internet connection.

Q: How it works?

A: To make it work, all you need to do is install the application directly on the target mobile phone first. The installation process can be done using the phone browser. You have to type the URL which will be provided to you by the Mobile Spy website after the purchase of the software. After this, the software will be automatically downloaded and installed on the phone. Once the app is successfully installed, it can already start recording activities done using the target phone. You will then upload every data collated by the app into a secure online account. This personal account must be set up during the purchase of the application. Viewing the recorded data can be done by logging in to your account. You can do this by using any Internet connected device equipped with a web browser. You will then have access to these data 24/7.

Q: Can I install this software remotely?

A: Currently no such spying app in the world can possibly do this. In order to install the app, you need to have physical access to the phone you wish to monitor. This means that you either need to own the phone or have easy access to it. These are the only means that will enable you to download and install the app directly into the unit.

Q: How do I receive this software?

A: After purchasing the software, you will receive an email containing your account details and website address where you can download the software. The application can also be downloaded directly into the target phone any time. Just make sure that the email that will be forwarded to you does not go into your junk or spam folder.

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Mobile SpyIf what you are looking for is simple, extremely reliable, and low cost spy phone software, then this software is just for you. Mobile Spy is fully-featured and at the same time easy on the budget. It offers unique features such as remote control capability, spy call, real time tracking, monitor text messages, and upgrade ability to more powerful apps. These features and more make Mobile Spy the best spy mobile software today.

Ps. I hope my Mobile Spy Review helped you to make an informed decisions.

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